A Guide To Creating A Blogging Schedule And Deciding What To Write About

Creating A Blogging Schedule

Need a quick pro tip on how to create a blog? Its scheduling and most importantly what to write about. Currently, in the 21st century, everything has to be done proactively. Furthermore, to comprehend this concept, lets begin from the scratch.

We have listed some interesting SEO friendly tips in this article. Let’s get straight to the part about how to create a blog without any irrelevant content.

Blogging, The Hot Topic Everyone Wants to Know About

Are you aware of the fact that in this digital era how important is your online presence?

The audience often assumes that online presence is limited to social media platforms. However, there are also many other methods to establish presence on the internet, one of which is blogging.

Blogging is a very user-friendly concept that can be there. Talking about the technical term blog is just a short word for web log.

We often confuse the difference between a blog and a regular website.

In other words, a weblog is just a platform in which the consumer can proportion his/her non-public pursuits, reviews or something he/she wishes to. One might also upload graphics as nicely getting ready the blog.

Well, you do not have to worry anymore about how to start along with your weblog. Collectively, we could not only learn how to begin with blogging but also:

  • what topic can we begin with
  • how to schedule the blog
  • how can it be made interesting
  • important key points to keep in mind for SEO friendly and traffic generating blogs.

Don’t forget to read it thoroughly, there might be some hidden gems as well.

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Let’s Get Going with The Blog

Choosing A Platform

The platform on which you start your blog plays a major role. A little research work here tags along in the beginning. According to the budget, select a web hosting service that suits the blog well. Since nobody is fond of clicking on one link and landing onto some other.

There are some pointers listed below that will help in selecting the best web hosting service available.

  •        Domain and Page Authority.
  •        Loading time of the website.
  •        Spam Score.
  •        Average traffic received.
  •        Customer support system.
  •        Security of the data.

Thus, by keeping these areas in consideration one can easily track down a rock-solid web hosting service for the blog. 

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What Should I Blog About?

The foundation of the blog is majorly dependent upon the topic or the niche of the blog. To choose what kind of blog you need to write holds a good amount of value to the traffic generation.

Subsequently, with the great power of blogging comes along with the great responsibility of research as well. So here is a list of tips that will help in deciding what niche would be most relevant.

  • First, brainstorm your passions and prepare a list.
  • Look up on the internet which one is trending in the market most or one can always work hard to make it trending.
  • Research about what all is revolving around the selected topic.
  • Figure out all the points yo that are unique to the existing blogs related to the topic.
  • Presentation plays an important role over here. For better viewing experience, images and videos can be added to the blog content.
  • Never ever forget to keep an eye on competitors. A positive reinforcement can come from what others are doing in the same field. It will kick in the motivation to be more creative.
  • Finally take an external opinion. Talking to other people on your topic will not only bring out interesting viewpoints but also users will engage more when they feel valued.
  • The key is to invest time and not spend it.

Now we are going to discuss something which plays an integral role in keeping the audience connected to our blog in the long run. Emphasizing on regularly updating the information can also help in ranking at a good position than others. To keep them engaged and draw the traffic on a regular basis blogging schedule is required. By all means the agenda of our blog should be to keep the audience interested and minimum bounce rate.

If there is no regular posting of blogs the user will leave the website in a few seconds which will increase the bounce rate. To make sure that such situations are not faced, the strategy of ‘Blogging Schedule’ can prove to be beneficial. Moreover, below are some tips on blog scheduling for you refer:

  • Join down the topics for the content and prepare a mind map.
  • Schedule them in an organized manner so that they make sense one after another.
  • Researching particularly about the on-going topics can contribute to content creation.
  • Prepare the content beforehand and then schedule them as to when to post.
  • Be consistent and never miss out on posting because that might affect traffic.
  • In case of not being attentive third-party tools might be handy for consistent publishing.

 Having covered all the pro-tips from blog creation to blog content selection to blog scheduling, one important thing to always remember is to be dedicated and persistent when blogging.

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