A Long Term Content Strategy Could Help You Win The Game Of Thrones!

content strategy

What do you mean by content strategy? 

Content Strategy is a process where you plan how to use your content (audio, video or written information) to accomplish your business objectives. A fruitful content strategy will draw in your interest group at each phase of the channel and keep them connected even after a buy. Delivering great content can be priceless in building entrust with new potential leads and prevailing in the long term. Alongside drawing in prospects to your business, you can use a content strategy for deals enablement and consumer loyalty. 

The difference between content strategy and content marketing strategy?

‘Content Strategy’ and ‘Content Marketing Strategy’ are interrelated, but not interchangeable. Both of these terms are different, however, connected to each other. ‘Content strategy helps you plan your content for the website, whereas content marketing strategy helps you promote that content to reach the right traffic’. Your content marketing strategy will drive designated traffic to your site and when they show up, the content on your site will attempt to change over that traffic into leads, adherents and clients. It’s important to have amazing and informative content on your site. It’s likewise important to have an extraordinary content marketing strategy to assist with driving a non stop progression of traffic to your site. The mix of a decent content strategy and content marketing strategy will work effectively to assist you with accomplishing your objectives. 

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What exactly are SEO Content Strategy Suggestions?

Content strategy and SEO remain forever inseparable. You can’t simply write a paragraph, stuff it with a few keywords, post it on your website and anticipate that it should give results. Driving traffic to your site and producing top notch inbound leads requires proper planning, research and an insightful SEO content strategy. And don’t misjudge the benefits of SEO in your content strategy. Brands that focus vigorously on SEO while creating and marketing content own the biggest piece of pie. Let’s talk about the 5 game winning tactics that will help you perform SEO while creating content strategy:

  1. Identify your audience

Who are your prospects? Who are your existing customers? What do you want to offer? Who are your competitors? Finding answers to these questions is the first and foremost step while creating content strategy. 

  1. Identify your topic

Since it is now so obvious who you’re attempting to reach and what they need to gain from you, you can start to conceptualise thoughts for content themes. Everything you write and compose should be under your expertise and relevant to your business. Identify the area of your expertise and create a variety of topics for your content strategy. 

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  1. Perform Keyword Research

Identify the terms people use to search for the queries that relate to your core business and content. This is the most important step in SEO. Targeting the right keywords will optimise your content and boost your site rankings. Include your focus keyword in meta description, alt tags, headings, FAQs etc. Maintain your keyword density and don’t overstuff it.

  1. Update your content frequently

Optimisation is a continuous process and goes on even after the content is published. In order to keep driving in the traffic to your post, you need to revamp your content by updating it frequently. Keep following the latest blogs, and news articles to keep yourself updated so that you can use this information in recycling your content. Consistently updating your content will increase your rankings, retain the audiences, and increase your credibility and trustworthiness.

  1. Measure your outcomes and progress

Monitor and evaluate your progress by analysing and observing the metrics such as organic traffic, average time spent on site, bounce rate, engagement, conversions, number of indexed pages and more. It is important to measure this data as it will help you formulate content strategies in future. 

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A guide to developing a content strategy? 

A lot of planning is there behind content strategy. Content strategy centres around the preparation, creation, distribution and evaluation of content. A great content strategy will help you create sustainable, well defined, valuable and compelling content. 

  • Define your goals and focus on results you want to achieve. 
  • Identify your target markets and audience. Once you get to know who you want to target, you can plan and create your strategy accordingly. 
  • Audit, review and analyse the competition in your industry, underperforming blogs, outdated pages, customer interest, trending topics and other relevant things. 
  • Perform keyword research as it is important to use the right keywords in your content to rank on search engine results. 
  • Think and innovate new and unique content topics related to your business. The more you create unique content, the more it will be loved and followed up by the audience.
  • Optimise your content by including LSI keywords, FAQs, and other updated information.
  • Maintain consistency in posting your blogs. 
  • Make your content long-term and sustainable by updating it time-to-time. 
  • Measure the performance of your content by analysing traffic engagement, google rankings, bounce rate, conversion rates and other metrics.  
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How do you measure the effectiveness of your content strategy?

Wondering, how to quantify the progress of a piece of content? Generally, it’s not a smart idea to assess the outcome and success of your strategy by analysing a single blog or piece of content. Simply taking a gander at the outcome of one blog entry is troublesome in the most ideal circumstances, yet as a general rule, the meaning of progress is too tight to even consider indirect advantages that it has. Estimating the whole topic cluster will empower you to incorporate remaining advantages coming from content that doesn’t line up with direct transformation objectives. Measuring success can be challenging in segregation, hence, it’s better to gauge on a theme level. Involving this structure for estimation, you’ll have the option to grasp the accompanying:

  • Which points perform better at directing people to your website?
  • Which points acquire the most backlinks?
  • Which points drive the most over the top income to the business?
  • Which subjects acquire you the most potential leads and conversions?
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The Benefits of a Long-Term Content Strategy?

A long term content strategy permits your business to focus on favouring the 10,000 foot view as opposed to continually getting stuck on developing factors and bare essential subtleties. Long haul techniques for meeting significant business targets can carry much more worth to your organisation. Let’s discuss the benefits of a long-term and well-defined content strategy:

  • It lays out consistency, brand awareness, and reliability. In simpler words, it helps you build and establish trust. So, create content that offers valuable information to make an establishment for an extraordinary client relationship. 
  • A long term content strategy assists you building credibility progressively. 
  • It increases your brand awareness by getting your content seen by more and more individuals and will help your brand become consistently recognisable and memorable. 
  • A great content strategy works on your outcomes and improves the ROI (Return on Investment). 
  • It helps in retaining the customers and drive in more and more potential leads.
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The Content Marketing Strategy’s Future

Content Marketing is neither rigid nor static. It is continually evolving.  It’s not  similar now as it was a decade prior, and in the next decade, it won’t look similar as it does now. It’s vital to figure out where it’s going. 

Fruitful content will be more compassionate, intentional, and customer oriented. Today, customers care considerably more about your brand. Advertisers need to focus on great content that will enlist with buyers because no one knows precisely the way in which the google algorithm may change going ahead. Content marketing is moving towards crowd advancement rather than product advancement. In the coming years, advertisers will begin making more content that is genuinely made for understanding the crowd — be it their clients, accomplices, or potential customers. In the event that this moving tide turns out as expected, content advertising will keep on turning out to be more designated, deliberate, and client driven. 

Over the course of the following 10 years, content creation will be robotized with artificial intelligence (AI) and instruments supported by computerised reasoning. Broad adoption of such devices will empower advertisers to make high-quality substance in a negligible portion of the time. 

Content marketing has the ability to make genuine relation with your target audience and instruct them of the worth of your brand past your products and services.  As we enter a time where cutthroat competitive content is showing up every moment, content creators and marketers will find it advantageous to separate more worth out of each and every moment spent content evolvement.


It’s important to refine your approach consistently by using different content marketing strategies for promoting your content. Your content marketing strategies will carry traffic to your site. Your content strategy, then again, will direct people to your site and afterward assist with changing over those guests into clients. When done successfully, you ought to see an expansion in site traffic as well as further developed client commitment and conversion rates. If done without a strategy, your content marketing endeavours will appear to be responsive to what your opposition is doing as opposed to making content or carrying out a strategy in light of examination, research and what your crowd truly needs. Planning content ahead of time can assist you with overseeing time actually, yet be adaptable and save space for potential trending stuff, as well. In conclusion, a significant component of your content strategy is to evaluate the traffic you get so that you can recreate, tweak and follow up.

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