Article Writing VS Blog Writing? Know The Key Differences Here


Are you aware of the difference between article and blog? If you are unaware, to learn about the difference you are at the right place. But, before going in-depth with the knowledge regarding the difference between article and blog, first, let’s learn about what is an article and blog writing.   

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Firstly, Let’s Learn About Article Writing:

An Article Writing falls under the kind of writing that transpires writing to outreach a vast audience with the assistance of the press. Are you wondering what press is all about? The press involves publishing houses of newspapers, magazines, and so on. However, generating content for Newspaper articles or Magazine articles is not a piece of cake. 

For generating an effective article you need to go through a lot of research and have expertise in writing. You need to present information in a way that informs the audience about a specific topic. The key objective of the writer here is to present a few differences in the world. A writer has the power to change the view of someone through their article.

As there are numerous ways of presenting an article in front of Audience. Newspaper Article, Magazine articles, SEO-Friendly Article, Online Article, and so on fall under numerous kinds of articles. 

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Now, Let’s Learn About Blog Writing: 

Blogging generally refers to write, photography and other media which gets published by author themselves over the net. Blogging opened the opportunity for an individual to inscribe diary-style records. Some websites publish blogs since they came into existence. The person who publishes blogs needs to be consistent with publishing, write in a way like you are talking with your closed one’s, and have the opportunity to engage the audience. 

Blogging word derived from the word ‘weblog’. These weblogs permit early users over the internet to record the details of their day. As blogging also permits the audience to leave comments over the content presented by the author. However, especially the content of blogs differs. Blogging simply means obtaining a website and presenting original content. 

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Finally, Let’s See What Is The Difference Between Article And Blog Writing? 

An Article and blog writing seems poles apart. However, People use these two writing skills uniformly. You may be asked frequently what is the difference between article and blog writing? 

Here’s the major difference among Article and Blog writing: 

  • The Major Difference among them, A blog gets published over a website while An article can be published at various platforms such as newspaper, magazine and so on. As Article can be published on both  traditional and digital platforms. 
  • Blog posts fall under a new method of writing whereas An Article is a traditional as well as digital form of writing. 
  • Blogs get posted and arranged in chronological manner over a website i.e. the recent ones at top of the page, whereas An Article transpires posting and arranging in the manner of dates they got published. An article does not follow chronological order. 
  • Generally, a blog gets generated by keeping personal opinion in the mind, you can add facts and information in the blog as well. However, blogs are based on occurrence and consist of more character. Moreover, An article acts as providing information, facts, news and unbiased opinion. 
  • The word limit of a Blog generally varies from 250 words to 5000 words. While an article gets generated in-depth so it falls in the word range of 2500. An article scouts over every fact of the area you want to present in front of an audience. Articles are not required to be interlinked or add outbound links to it. 
  • The primary purpose of a blog post is to claim authority status, generating leads and performing SEO over search engines by adding interlinks and outbound links to the context to attract more and more traffic. While An article’s primary and only objective is to provide satisfactory information to their audience. 
  • However, a blog post follows an informal format of language, even a blogger provides a personal touch to a blog or adds slang to the context while An article needs to follow a formal format. 
  • The structure followed by the Blog post is extremely flexible, even inclusive of short sentences, disintegrated sentences, even usage of symbols to highlight the point to gain readers attention. While An Article comes in a formal format without much usages of symbols or so on. Article needs to be grammatically correct. 
To conclude: 

Both of the writing methods are vital for any business. I hope you received the clarity of difference between article and blog. Now, when you have learned the difference, keep it in mind and use the method which enhances your business, gaining traffic over page and providing a good message to society. Hence, Article and Blog may differ but are not completely opposite.

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