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For those of you who are unfamiliar to the tech world, the concept of schema markup may seem alien, as if taken straight away from a sci-fi movie. But, in fact, schema markup is a very useful tool to help your website to gain more visibility on the web and get more clicks. It is a very useful utility if you are trying to increase your website traffic via search results. In this article, we shall discuss in detail and how it can benefit your website SEO strategies.

Beginning with the obvious question, what is Schema markup? Schema markup, also known as structured data, is a search engine language that utilizes a unique semantic vocabulary or microdata. It’s a code (comprising semantic vocabulary, or microdata) that you may add to your website’s HTML, that can aid search engines in better comprehending your material, allowing them to provide more thorough and useful results to users. Schema markup language is designed to offer more precise information to search engines so that they can better interpret your content.

So, how does schema markup work? The answer lies in the characteristics of the microdata. Microdata is a type of structured data that is compatible with HTML5, the most widely used markup language. The markup for the schema To make it easier for search engines to organize and index your material, structured data entails matching names and values. Structured data in Schema markup informs Google and other search engines about the content of a webpage. In turn, Google may send that information along to searchers and display them the most relevant results. This implies that when you employ schema markup, Google can easily comprehend the content of your webpage. This can help in developing rich snippet and boost your SERP, thus making Schema markup a very handy tool in your SEO strategies.

Now that you have seen the definition and mechanism of schema markups, lets explore various benefits it provides:

  1. Assist search engines in better understanding your site’s content: The basic purpose of SEO is to communicate to search engines what your site is about, and schema markup aids in this endeavour. Schema markup gives search engines a better idea of what your content is about, which helps them expose it to relevant searchers.
  2. With a complete Knowledge Graph, you can boost your brand’s visibility: Most firms, cannot achieve a completely fleshed-out knowledge graph. This is because  Google will only provide knowledge graphs if they are quite convinced that the data you included is accurate and valuable. Marking up the data as structured data on your site makes it easier for search engine to trust your company’s information.
  3. Obtain attractive, rich results that can boost your CTR: Rich results enabled by schema help your organic search listings stand out, which has been found to improve click-through rates.
  4. Make yourself suitable for SERP features to gain additional real estate in the SERPs.
  5. Improve your standing in the rankings: The goal of white hat SEO is to tell Google what your site’s pages are about. Schema is yet another useful tool in your toolbox that aids in the better presentation of your information and the improvement of your rankings through indirect approaches.
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