Five Ideas You Can Steal From Google Trends And SEO For Content Market


Google trends

It is a kind of website that helps to know the search requests that Google has provided. The data provided on that website are just unfiltered samples. It helps to know the result from various regions and languages. It is also known as a data exploration tool. It was first introduced in 2006, and the newer version was released in May 2018. 

Google trends and SEO for the content market help to change the marketing strategy by the help of knowing the data on popular events and trends. It has various benefits for people’s behaviour on Google search and Youtube. It also helps to know the success of the company’s SEO strategy. 

Google trends are the most reliable one. Google trends and SEO in the content market help to compare different searches and their traffic levels. 

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Content marketing

Marketing is used to connect people by creating articles and videos. The new format of content marketing is podcasts. Content marketing helps in establishing expertise along with brand awareness. There are four keys to content marketing. Those four keys are:-

  • Awareness
  • Evaluation
  • Purchase
  • Delight

All these four keys have a unique purpose in the customer’s life. Down we are going to discuss the uses of google trends for SEO. Let’s hop into it. 

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Different ways to use google trends for SEO

We are providing different through which you can use google trends for SEO. These all ways are tested and hence recommended for you. Those different ways are:-

  • With the help of keywords, get more accurate data
  • Use audience perception for keywords
  • Linked topics and queries
  • For massive traffic, short-term trends can be the best option
  • Keywords by category
  • Geography can be used for keyword data
  • Categories can be used for search intents

We have listed some of the different ways that will use Google trends for SEO. We are going to discuss them in detail. 

With the help of keywords, get more accurate data.

Google trends and SEO for the content market key element is the keyword. Keywords help Google to show details of that webpage for any search. Audiences search topics based on keywords; hence, google trends helps to know the keywords and traffic based on them. Google content marketing also helps to provide a better target audience with the help of keywords. 

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Use audience perception for keywords.

Using the audience’s point of view also helps to know about the keywords. There are two types of trends that are visible in the audience insights. Those are:-

  • Long term trends 
  • Short term trends

Long-term trends are those trends which google shows from the year 2004. It is also differentiated into two. Those are:-

  • Upward trending long-term trends
  • Downward trending long-term trends

The difference between these two trends is that if the trend graph is going in an upward motion, it means that the audience requirements are still the same, and if the trend graph is going in a downward motion, then the audience’s requirements have changed. 

Linked topics and queries

Google trends and SEO for content marketing are also differentiated in two aspects. One is related topics, and another one is related queries. 

Related topics are those searches in which concepts are being shared as topics are free from any language. 

Related queries are somewhat similar to related topics. 

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For massive traffics, short-term trends can be the best option.

Google trends provide data for 90 to 30 days, known as short-term trends. Those short-term trends are the best for attracting a massive traffic audience. Google provides two applications for short-term trends. Those are:-

  • Google discover
  • Google news

Although google discover and google news has the same work is to let you know about the short-term trends. But google news is more precise in those cases. Google trends provide graphs; hence, when you scale down to 90 days, you can see weekly traffic and plan accordingly. 

Keywords by category

Google trends have also provided the feature of narrowing down the keywords by different categories. If the category feature is not used for any topic, then keywords are not being refined as per the topics. With the help of this feature, google trends help to provide perfect information according to the research. 

Geography can be used for keyword data.

Location can also be the key factor for google trends to find keywords. Doing this helps in link building and content promotion at that locality. Google trends help to show localised keywords that will help to provide more precise data of that location, and content creation can be easy in that locality. With the help of those keywords by locality, it becomes easy for google to rank those pages accordingly.

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Categories can be used for search intents.

Google trends provide five categories for properly refining the data to the keywords. Those five categories are:-

  • Web search
  • Image search
  • News search
  • Google search
  • Youtube search

Much content answers specific questions regarding how to, what are, when, why, etc. For those kinds of situations, these categories are being used. To answer the question of the ‘how to’ youtube category is the best way to find the accurate answer and vice versa. The search pattern followed by Google news is much different than Youtube’s. Google news can answer questions for the ‘what’ or ‘how’ questions. 

It is observed that the ‘who’ type of questions is being questioned more than five years after that event. Hence, it is clear that using different refinements categories helps to refine and define different results to show accurate results. 


Google trend is a useful tool that helps to obtain keywords for any topic or search. We have provided detailed answers regarding google trends and SEO for the content market. It is more important than search marketing perception. We have provided detailed information about the different ways to use google trends and SEO for content marketing. Those will help to find accurate keywords by using those ways of categories as explained above. 

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