How To Refurbish Your Old Blogs To Get More Traffic

Refurbish Your Old Blogs

You can always refurbish your old blogs to give them a new lease of life. In this blog, I’ll be telling you different ways to refurbish your old blogs. As we know blogs are a great way to build traffic to our website. But many people have existing old blogs and they don’t get any traffic on them. There is only one solution for this problem and that is “Refurbish Your Old Blogs”.

If you want to increase site traffic then you should consider refurbishing your old blogs. It will help you to increase the number of visitors to your site (increase page rank). So here I am going to tell you how it’s done. Also, you need some time and patience if you want to refurbish your old blogs. 

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Here are some things you should do in order to refurbish your old blogs


The first thing you need to think about is what kind of blog you want to refurbish. Do you have an old blog that has been dormant for years? Or do you have an active blog that needs more traffic? The best way to figure out what kind of blog is best for you is by taking a look at how much traffic it gets. Do thorough research about it. Use analytics to track how many visitors come from different sources so you can optimize your strategy for the best results.


Inspect the layout of your blog: what kinds of posts do you have? Are they all talking about the same thing and carrying a common idea within them? If yes, then revamp your content so that each post has a unique topic or idea behind it; This will help readers find what they’re looking for.

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Change the URL

Change the URL of your blog. If you don’t want to change the name of your blog, try changing the URL. Make sure that you use trending keywords and keywords that have search volume in the URL.

 Add social sharing buttons

Add social sharing buttons to your old blog. These buttons will further allow people to share your content easily on their Facebook page, Twitter account, etc. This will help you gain more traffic to your old blogs.

Use the right keywords

Make sure that your blog has relevant keywords that people search for the most. If you’re not sure what people are searching for, use tools like Google Trends or keyword planner to get some ideas. Once you know what people are looking for, inculcate those keywords to your old blogs.


Add links of your refurbished blogs to the blogs that have higher reach and traffic. When people will see the link of your refurbished blog, they are most likely to click on it and hence traffic will be generated to your old blogs as well. This technique does wonders so definitely try this. 

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Revisit Your Visuals

The visual components of your article are crucial to getting your point across and keeping your audience interested. If you have the means, think about complimenting your content with an additional video. If not, think about adding a new graph or table, an infographic, or try replacing the static photos with animated GIFs to add some more flair to the piece.

Divide content

Create a special section where you can share helpful content related to the topic of your business. For example, if you sell clothes online, you can create a section for tips on how to look stylish when shopping online or how to choose the right size for your body type so that it fits well without being too tight or too loose. This will help readers find something unique about what you sell so that they will click on your link and come back again.

Specify a new headline for your blogs

A strong title will significantly impact your CTR. You must carefully balance your goal keyword’s inclusion with the headline’s clickability while creating a new one.

To choose the best headline wording, if you need assistance, consider using free tools available on google and take help them.

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Fix faulty links

In addition to hindering your SEO efforts, broken links can negatively affect how readers perceive your material. Any links that point to pages with 404 errors or to content that has been out of the current should be updated. 

 Remove Unwanted Comment

If your blog has a comments area, you could notice that it fills up with pointless messages or advertisements. These should be eliminated since they may lower the post’s perceived quality. Delete those comments right away.

Do On-Page SEO

The practice of optimizing your web pages for on-page SEO helps your website rank better and attract targeted visitors. This can help your outdated content return to the top of search engine results pages. 

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