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Content writing

Content writing is the process in which a content writer writes, edits, and publishes a set of words in a digitalised format. For example, blogs, ebooks, descriptions, etc. Content writing is stretching its legs to content marketing and its businesses. Nowadays, small businesses use content marketing for their growth in their business. 

Content marketing

Content marketing is nothing but ads/advertisements. Ads are the only marketing firm that helps us know about the business. Content marketing is a concept that small business uses; hence it is valuable without being annoyed or ignored. All the small and mid-sized businesses use content marketing to survive in the market against big competitors. 

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Measures to create a content marketing strategy

Content marketing is a concept that cannot be achieved if not having a proper strategy. Hence, we have created a strategy to help with proper content marketing. There are ten steps to follow to achieve content marketing. Those steps are:-

  • Write your goals
  • Know your target audience
  • Know about your competitors
  • Research about the topic along with keywords
  • Review topics provided by content creator
  • Frame your strategy accordingly
  • Arrange your assets
  • Scheduling content dispersion over the internet
  • Promoting your content
  • Monitor your growth

These are the few steps that will help in proper content marketing. We are going to discuss each point in detail. 

Write your goals

All the marketing types serve differently when compared to content marketing. Content marketing works with specific goals with predefined purposes. Writing the goals helps to solidify the goals, and hence things can be easily achieved. In content marketing, writing goals, like what will be the topics, revenue growth, etc., the content marketer gets easily prioritise them accordingly. 

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Know your target audience

After writing up the goals, the next step is to know your audience. Once the topics are selected, the audience is automatically selected; hence, you get to know the audience through researching them. Once the audience is being targeted, then most of the things are already being cleared. 

Know about your competitors

After knowing the audience, competitors are major. You are always going to fight with somebody in every aspect of life. Going into the detailed research of the competitors, it becomes easy for the content creator/marketer to create a full proof strategy over them. Once all the things are done, then it is time for hunting. 

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Research about the topic along with keywords

In the very first step, while writing the topic of the content, in this step more details about the topics are needed to be provided. Once the detailed topic is provided, then the work of keywords is necessary. Keywords are the main part through which it becomes easy for Google to show your result in the top search. This simple step of finding appropriate keywords helps to get noticed by the audience, and hence revenue is being generated. 

Review topics provided by content creator

Once all the past steps are done perfectly, it is time for the content creators to read the previously existing content. It helps the content marketing team to use them as resources and gain an audience. As previously updated content is always in use and hence due to this more number of audience visit and hence it is more likely to become the permanent audience. Also, research about the keywords used in the previous content that make the audience help to find the content. 

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Frame your strategy accordingly.

With the information provided in the previous step, it is time to change the strategy accordingly. Now methods to promote the content and platforms to publish the content are to be decided by the content marketing team for their convenience. As many of the audience also use trusted websites, controlling the shift in the target audience also needs to be controlled by the content marketer. 

Arrange your assets

There are two types of content creation; firstly, in-house content and the other one is outsourcing content. Both contents are needed to be marketised differently for the different target audiences. And for those, the content marketing team will provide ample ideas and from those, choose a few that are realistic and work with your target audience. 

Scheduling content dispersion over the internet

In this step, all the scheduling is done regarding content published to that platform to get publicly viral. There should be a proper calendar for scheduling different content on the internet. All the content should be created and proofread for the audience. Publishing content regularly makes it easy for content marketing to suck more audiences.

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Promoting your content

Once the content is published, then the work of promotion is done. And remember one thing: you always need to keep the content’s quality high. It helps reach more target audiences and hence helps promote proper promotion. Share the content on social media, and who have subscribed should be provided with the mail of the new content. 

Monitor your growth

The last step of the content marketer is to monitor the content and check the growth. And if new changes can be made to improve the content, then that steps should be applied to generate more revenue. 

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Advantages of content marketing

Some of the advantages of content marketing are:-

  • Improves sales
  • You are the leader of the conversation
  • Less annoying than traditional marketing
  • Improves brand awareness


Content creators are those who provide the content to the audience, and content marketers are those who make it visible to the audience. Without one another will not exist, and hence there is a need for both content creators/marketers. We have provided a complete insider guide to help make the content a bright shining star. With the help of our guide, you can rule the internet by flooding your content in the top Google search.

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