Want To Order Bulk Content? 5 Tips You Should Know Before You Order.

Bulk Content

In this 21st century, everything is digital. From shopping to talking, even writing has gone digital. With changing times, every company or brand is looking to grow its business online. Gone are the days when word of mouth used to be the only thing responsible for growing a business.

With everything online, even the traditional people in business have to learn to digitize. But, it is not that simple. Terms like SEO, SMO, etc., are alien to a lot of people. Now, this is where the field of Digital Marketing comes in. Furthermore, Digital Marketing took over the online business building like a storm. People are investing a large amount of their capital into digital marketing to grow their business further. With SEO work in full swing, businesses are going berserk. Digital Marketing companies are swamped with work to promote and grow brands. 

Most businesses want a lot of written content for themselves. This is where Bulk Content Writing comes in.

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What is Bulk Content Writing?

A bulk writing project refers to any content writing requirement that needs an excessive amount of content in a shorter period of your time. Furthermore, It follows that it often relates to projects that involve large numbers of content writers.

Bulk Content Types

Bulk content writing projects are available in various forms. Generally, they involve similar content reproduced across many things with fresh, unique content specific to every item. It also usually has to fit into an outlined template.

We typically see bulk content writing agencies seeking to revamp their product descriptions, provide reviews on services surrounding many geographical areas, or summary pages on a variety of topics.

An Old Age Home community review website that covers the entire country, for example, will likely require an insane amount of content in a short period of time – that can’t be accommodated by one bulk content writer completing a couple of pieces every week. Other bulk content writing agencies may require city pages or blog posts for agency clients.

The various categories of bulk content are as follows:

  1. Social media posts
  2. City or location-specific pages
  3. Category page descriptions
  4. App descriptions
  5. Blog posts
  6. Product descriptions
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Important Tips

Let us assume you have a business and you want a lot of content for your products and brand. Bulk content writing is what you will look for.

So, here are a few tips on what to know before ordering bulk content from any bulk content writing agency:

1. Quality Expectations

Quality is a crucial element of any content. Google is clear about its anticipations for quality content that it ranks well. As a result, failing to highlight best practices is often a dangerous game. 

In any circumstance, quality requires a process. You should understand the extent of quality you would like and how you’re getting there. 

2. Getting The Right Team

The team of writers you select will make or break your project. So it’s essential to hire wisely. Moreover, writers should be flexible, skilled, adaptable, and ready to meet deadlines, no matter the volume of projects.

Writers are hired full-time, outsourced through freelance marketplaces, or on boarded through writing-specific platforms.

Editors and QnA Pros are highly valuable for those who don’t have in-house resources to serve during a support function. Editors can confirm content meets style guides and best practices, while QnAs can oversee formatting and publishing to ensure an ideal outcome.

3. Decide The Scale Of Projects

As the word bulk isn’t quantifiable, it’s essential to know what exactly you would like. Furthermore, no two bulk projects will be the same, so knowing you would want tons of content isn’t the same as producing a game plan that you will use to complete your process. This will include the following:

  1. A map of deadlines, like what percentage words you would like completed heribly or when the project must be completed.
  2. There is an average quota of articles per writer to work out the acceptable team size.
  3. A rough estimate of word count.
  4. A plan to rent writers if in-house teams cannot meet the stress of an expansive project.
  5. The writers needed to fulfill your expectations.

4. Prepare A Style Guide

No two writers are precisely the same. From Robert Frost to Ruskin Bond, all writers have a singular voice. However, this isn’t always a simple thing during a bulk project. Generally, a bulk content project should read a more unified presentation than a combination of various sorts and preferences.

Furthermore, a style guide can make sure that all writers understand expectations, preferences, keyword use, formatting, word count, and virtually anything necessary to the success of a project.

5. Consistent and Timely Feedback

Every team is only as good as its weakest link. When working with writers, clear and coherent feedback and regular communication are musts. Furthermore, this is particularly true within the youth of a project. Moreover, providing writing samples, offering editing to point where writers are succeeding and where they’re going wrong, and consistently providing refresher training to keep everyone on an equivalent page helps a lot.

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