Why Creative Infographics Should Be One Of The 7 Deadly Sins



Infographics represent ideas, strategies, and research creatively in a visual format. These can be used in every part of the article to increase audience engagement. The study has proved that with the help of visuals, it becomes very easy for the user to process that data. With the help of creative infographics, the article becomes more engaging and hence helps to increase the traffic altogether. There are 13 types of infographics. Those are listed below:-

  • Statistical
  • Informational/list
  • Timeline
  • How-to
  • Process
  • Comparison
  • Location
  • Flowchart
  • Hierarchical
  • Single chart
  • Visualized numbers
  • Anatomical
  • Visual resume

These are the few types of creative infographics. 

The purpose of creating infographics is to provide the ability to the audience for their worn conclusions. Creative infographics do not need any background to understand any data as the human mind uses visual systems that help to understand patterns and trends easily that are being provided by creative infographics. 

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Benefits of creative infographics

Several benefits of creative infographics are listed below and will be explained in detail. Those are:-

  • Providing proper dimensions concerning the size of data
  • Attract visual storytelling
  • Failure of data
  • Issues with drive impact
  • Different ways to approach
  • Tossing of products
  • Unlocking pop culture
  • Insider against infographic
  • Success report
  • Improvise and react 

These are some of the benefits that are being provided by creative infographics. 

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Ideas for creative infographics

Numerous ideas can be used from the internet, or you can make your creative ideas more successful. These all ideas will help increase the traffic with the help of an engaging audience and hence revenue generation at its peak. Those ideas are:-

  • Industry trends
  • Pop culture trends
  • Social trends
  • News items trends
  • Upcoming events trends
  • In-house data trends
  • Surveys trends
  • Existing content trends
  • Company culture trends
  • Academics studies trends
  • Government reports trends
  • Target keywords trends
  • Tutorial trends
  • Distinctive trends
  • Company materials trends
  • Life trends
  • Distance trends
  • Poster for street food trends
  • Vehicle trends
  • Curriculum vitae trends
  • Ray Bradbury timeline trends
  • Guide related trends
  • Report cards trends
  • AI-powered marketer

We are going to discuss each point in detail for the clarification of doubts. 

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Starting from the types of creative infographics. Those are:-


Statistical-driven creative infographics help to provide data-driven and interactive infographics. Due to this, it helps to provide impact on the audience and hence leads to better understanding. D’Efilippo first used it in the 20th century to determine the war death counts. It helps to specify time along with differentiated conflicts. 


Informational, creative infographics are best for providing information regarding something. The information is shared via lists or paragraph format and helps provide an engaging audience.


Timeline creative infographics help to provide information in the timeline format. It helps to provide data from the start of the year till now or the end. The structured format helps to provide detailed information with the help of the date or time of occurrence.


Youtube videos generally answer how-to creative infographics. Those videos help to know all the answers to the existing question of how-to. How-to creative infographics help in detailed answers for the step-driven data.


Process creative infographics are the infographics that help to tell the answer via process format. With this, it helps to provide data in the step-by-step function and hence provides more traffic to the website. It is the most engaging infographic that benefits the audience atlas. 


Comparison creative infographics help to provide data in the format of comparison. All the data being collected is structured in such a format that the person gets the idea of both the things and which is better according to their requirement. 

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Location creative infographics provide data in the format of location. The picture will consist of a few locations described according to the data. Those types of creative infographics are best for traveling. 


Flowchart creative infographics help to provide data in a flowchart manner. All the data is being processed and viewed in a flowchart manner for proper engagement of the audience and better understanding. 

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Hierarchical creative infographics help to provide data based on the ranking system. Based on the supremeness of the data, that thing or place is being described in the form of creative infographics.

Single chart

Single chart creative infographics are infographics that provide data in a single chart. With the single chart’s help, the data will be explained in the proper format. Single chart infographics help to know the highest reach of the data concerning the things being researched. 

Visualized numbers

Visualized numbers and creative infographics help to provide data in the format of numbers. It uses large charts that help to seek more in one go. It is best used when the data is less, and you have additional information to spare.


Anatomical creative infographics help to provide data on different parts of objects and their working. These infographics are used to describe ample data in a short space.

Visual resume

Visual resumes are the type of creative infographics that helps to provide a representation of history and skills. It provides all the data in the format of graphs, charts, and icons. 

Now, we will discuss ideas in detail. 

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Industry trends

Industry trends are the information of industrial grade; hence, these data are being published in articles, blogs, reports, etc., which helps the audience to know about the data in the proper format. 

Pop culture trends

Pop culture trends help to provide data majority in the field of music, entertainment, sports, and fashion. These types of infographics ideas provide details about the trend and help them rise accordingly.

Social trends

Social trends help to provide creative infographics based on cultural trends. As these kinds of trends solve the questions about most parents regarding their children and their behavior or any social dispute are being answered in these trends.

News items trends

These news item trends create infographics for brand exposure and media attention. These help to solve the major issues that keep trending on Google News, etc. 

Upcoming events trends

Upcoming events trends are those creative infographics ideas that provide data for upcoming events or public holidays. These kinds of trends are being used, also known as calendar trends. 

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In-house data trends

In-house data trends are the type of creative infographics that helps access the annual report and case study and provide your opinion in the format of creative infographics. This type of data is when the data is about a company. 

Surveys trends

These trends for creative infographics help to know the audience/customer’s requirement; hence, these trends will boost your article with a maximum engaging audience. 

Existing content trends

These trends help provide data of the previously written article that needs to be noticed again; these trends will help you make your way. Those trends are the easiest way to provide a spotlight to the article for the best possible outcomes.

Company culture trends

Company culture trends help to provide information regarding hobbies, causes, or other beneficial things that is the data for these types of creative infographics. It is as important as content marketing. 

Academics studies trends

Academics studies trends are the trends that help to provide data scientifically. The data is being collected from the studies or Google scholars to provide proper information about those fields in detail. 

Government reports trends

Government reports trends are the trends that help to provide data about the public. These kinds of data are available for any government, and due to government reports, trends are the best way to describe the data in detail. 

Target keywords trends

SEO can be the best way to show these kinds of target keyword trends. These trends are best for evergreen topics, and hence with the use of SEO, those articles can create an ample audience, and hence these kinds of trends are being used. 

Tutorial trends

Tutorial trends are the trends that help to provide data based on how to do something. These creative infographics help provide data on how to do things; for those, these tutorial trends will help a lot. 

Distinctive trends

Distinctive trends help to provide creative infographics that someone does, but someone else is privatizing that. Those trends are reflected in the article with the discrete data. 

Company materials trends

Company materials trends are the trends that provide data on a company’s sales brochures, press releases, etc., that help in the brand expansion. However, these types of creative infographics require communication for better digitalizing. 

Life trends

Life trends are the trends that help to provide creative infographics based on life bases. It helps to provide data on life and their well-being with the help of creative infographics. 

Distance trends

Distance trends are the trends that help to provide data in the form of distance. It helps to provide data in pictures and distance between two points. Those points can be referred to as starting and ending points. 


Creative infographics have provided a new way of interpreting data with the help of graphics and pictorial format. We have discussed different types of creative infographics, benefits, and ideas that will help to boost your article with those creative infographics.

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